ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.12 - Large Building Systems 



TC 9.12 is concerned with the function, operation, energy and human safety for buildings in excess of 300 feet in height. Also included is the determination of requirements related to hydraulics, airflow, infiltration, thermal insulation, water vapor retarders, environmental control,fire and smoke control and maintenance.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be at the 2014 Annual Conference in Seattle, WA.

Date/Time: Tuesday July 1, 2014;  3:30-6 PM
Location: Everett Room (Sheraton, 3)

Subcommittee Meetings:

TC 9.12 RP 1673 Screen

Date/Time: Sunday, June 29, 2014;  7:00-8:00 AM

Location: Leschi Room (Sheraton, 3)